Reference Sires-Bloodlines

WEATHERBY(Magnum X Studly).  Weatherby was Johnson’s keeper ram lamb in 2001.  He was purchased in 2002 by Ott’s and used successfully for two years.  He was then purchased by Bruce Achor and G&G and used for two years until we had the opportunity to purchase him in the spring of 2006.  Weatherby’s neck comes out of the top of his shoulders and he has lots of bone and muscle.  He is a classy heavy muscled ram.  Bradley described Weatherby as cobra fronted and throws hard handling, big, expressive tops.  We feel that he will be a great match with our ewe base.

BASES LOADED(Millionaire X 212).  Bases Loaded is the twin to Kent Langemeier’s Grand Slam ram and out of the great Millionaire ram raised by McIlrath’s and purchased by Ott’s.  Bases Loaded lambs are long bodied lambs with neat front ends and expression over their rack and loins.  Bases Loaded lambs are generally the first to leave the farm.

BORDER PATROL- Ultra X Leverage  We purchased this ram in partnership with Deitchler's.  When we picked this ram out at Hancock's we knew he was special.  This ram has the "it".  When you analyze this sheep it is difficult to find a hole in him.  The picture does not do him justice as it was taken after he was hauled from Kentucky to Missouri and then to Iowa.  This sheep has a greatand proven pedigree.  So far the 2009 offspring look great.

OTTER-   I begged to wether this sheep figuring he would ring the bell.  In the end we decided to keep him as a ram and we are glad we did.  This sheep gets better everyday and his lambs are awesome.

MACK- Kenworth X Illusion  We bred Kenworth in 2008 to our best Illusion (Allred/ Elliott) daughter combining Miller genetics with the Allred/Elliott line.  I begged to wether this sheep figuring he would ring the bell.  In the end we decided to keep him as a ram and we are glad we did.  This sheep gets better everyday and his lambs are awesome.

KENWORTHDiesel X Poison When Ott's called us about Kenworth, we knew he was the right sheep for us.  He is called Kenworth because he is built like a truck.  Massive top and hip.  This sheep is big boned and big butted and maintains an elegent front end.  We used him on 25 ewes in 2008.
We kept 10 ram lambs and the demand was outstanding and we placed 9 of the rams around the country and could have sold more.  Rams went to Iowa, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas and Texas.  Kenworth stamps his lambs.  Thank you to all the ram buyers in 2008.  Get your orders in early for 2009.

LIGHTNINGMatrix X Derby  When we bought this ram from Ott's he was pretty green.  He turned a lot of heads last fall and we used him pretty hard in 2009.  He throws lambs with loads of eye appeal and maintains a huge top and neat front ends.  He worked really well on the Cabaniss ewes and he will see several this year.

HITMAN(TD X 212).  Hitman was purchased from Hickman’s this spring after be used successfully by them.  Hitman has a shallow chest floor and an amazing top.  He also possesses a square hip with bone and style to burn.  We think Hitman will be a hit on various types of ewes and will level them off from hooks to pins.

BLUE PRINT(2001 X 212).  Blue Print was purchased from Karr’s.  His first lamb crop was very impressive.  His lambs had that extra look with that extra length of body while maintaining the top and the hip.  Look for more Blue Print lambs in 2007.

RAINMAN(Wishbone (Shell) X Rainmaker (Harrell).  Wishbone is an older ram that keeps producing quality show prospects and great females.  He sires lambs with size and length.  Rainman has produced numerous champions over the years including “Midnight” who was undefeated in class on the NPCLA circuit and won 10 jackpot shows in Oklahoma.

H2(Hollywood X Wishbone).  H2 is out of the legend Hollywood (Reno X Shell 18) and out of a Wishbone daughter (Schrank 68 X Shell 18).  To look at him he reminds you of his dad the late great Hollywood, but he offers up more size and extension but maintains the muscle and look that made Hollywood famous.  He will be used more for 2007 lambs.

HAIRY LEGS AKA Knop 4680  (Marx 9-56 X Limo).  When we saw Hairy Legs as a lamb we felt he was the best ram prospect on Fred Knop’s farm.  He had the length the style and the top not to mention the parallel lines with a shallow chest floor.  Fred decided to sell us half of Hairy Legs in the fall of 2005 and we jumped at the chance.  His first lamb crop did not disappoint.  He stamped everyone of his lambs with that wide stance and that huge butt.  We will be keeping all of the ewe lambs sired by Hairy Legs.

NO DOUBT(Avalanche X Stone Cold).  When I saw this ram lamb I knew he was the real deal.  He has produced great wethers and females.  No Doubt sired the popular wether Donkey which was campaigned by us in 2005 who went undefeated in the NPCLA.  No Doubt sires the complete lamb that you really half to look and find a hole in them.  They tie in super well with a great rack and loin.  For as wide as these lambs are they still have that cool front end.

PISTOLERO(Pistol X Illusion).  A great sheep here, we combined the Cabaniss genetics with the Allred/Elliott genetics to bring you Pistolero.  He has that look of the Allred/Elliott line and has that depth and top of the Cabaniss line.  Pistolero was born in 2006 and will be used for 2007 lambs.

CARBON COPY(Blue Print X Bases Loaded).  Two shots of the McIlrath 212 line in this ram lamb.  When this lamb was born we knew he was going to stay a ram.  He has one of the best hips we have seen in a ram lamb with that shallow chest floor and that amazing profile.  Carbon Copy is super correct in his structure.  He will make a great addition to the 2007 lineup.

WARPATH(No Doubt X Warrior).  Interesting ram prospect here we combined the Allred/ Elliott genetics with the old Garvie line to bring you Warpath.  Warpath is sired by No Doubt which is out of the Allred/Elliott ram Avalanche.  Warpath’s dam is a Warrior daughter that possesses the Garvie line.  A really neat made sheep with loads of shape and muscle.  He has that Warrior look and skin and the Allred/Elliott hip.

MAJOR IMPACT(Packen’ Heat son X Illusion).  For the 2005 lamb crop we leased a Packen’ Heat ram with Kent Langemeier from Brian Reilly and is out of an Illusion daughter a ram raised by Allred/Elliott.  We sold out of the wethers that year and had 5 young ram lambs that were kept out of the Heat is On.  The demand was great for these ram lambs and we sold 4 out of the 5 but kept this one.  Major Impact was special from the moment he was born.  He had the look of a great wether.  He has a great profile and is super correct.  When he walks around the pen he looks like he is gliding.  Major Impact has a long hind saddle with a lot of expression over his rack and loin.  A square hipped sheep that should make a Major Impact in the show industry.

BRICKHOUSE(Knop 4680 X Illusion).  Another interesting combination here, we combined the Knop genetics with the Allred/ Elliott genetics to bring you Brickhouse.  Knop 4680 was the biggest boned, widest loined ram we have ever handled.  We own half interest in this great sire with Fred Knop.  Brickhouse’s mother is a super fronted long bodied Illusion daughter.  We believe that this combination should produce lambs with the look and the touch of a great one.

CABOP-  (Knop 4680 X Hancock 31).  CABOP has a unique pedigree as well with the combination of the Knop line with the Cabaniss 31 line.  CABOP has all the qualities that have made the Knop families and the Cabaniss families household names.